Welcome to my new site!!*#^(&%$@!!!

I am good at several things, but web design is not one of them, so I would just like to use this first post to thank the genius web-designer/guru Todd Brotze for helping me get this done.

If you’re in the market for a new website, get in touch with this man. He is an excellent listener – verging on mind reader – who seems to intuitively see the way a site wants to unfold.

Additionally if you are an actor, Todd doesn’t just guide you through the design process, he dives into every facet of branding – helping clarify your personal brand (if that’s what’s needed), picking colors and formats that showcase your unique essence, and creating a style that moves fluidly through your different online social platforms to unify your web presence.

He is incredibly good at what he does and also a very very very nice person. You can see more of his work and get in touch with him at tabwebdev.com.